Next Level Free Diving with Black Reef Spearfishing

Luke discovered a local guy who, if I’m remember the story correctly, was an aircraft engineer who quit to build a better mousetrap, or this case, a better fish trap, or more specifically pole spear, spear guns and now, dive fins.

We were out in the Bahamas and Luke had to run back to Florida for a part for the boat, and while he was there he picked up a few new titanium pole spears. Not 30 seconds in the water I caught a beautiful snapper for dinner and a short time later a grouper that allowed us to feed everyone on board for a couple meals. The poles are longer, lighter, far less prone to any corrosion and way more effective at putting food on the table.

Once back in Florida we decided to upgrade our plastic free diving fins with the Black Reef Spearfishing carbon fiber fins. My first time trying them out, I decided to take the GoPro and do a quick review. To summarize – I’m loving the fins. They’re sleek and powerful and a real step up from my basic plastic fins.

I’m still working on the next two editions of the Wanderbird Chronicles – where we enjoy the company of friends and show them our favorite spots in the Exumas, then motor to the ends of the Bahamas and encounter a nasty storm that steals our anchor!

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